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Traditional hand crafted waist beads. Strung on thread with no clasp.

Size Guide : 

Standard 45 Inches (Approx. size 0-16 Pants)

Standard Extended 60 inches (Approx. size 18-24+ Pants)

Please measure your waist in inches before placing your order to ensure correct sizing. Due to the handmade nature of our work, please allow up to 7 business days processing time from date of purchase.

How To Tie Your Waistbeads

What You Will Need : Sharp scissors, and Container 


1. Take one end of strand in each hand (Notice each end has a random color fixed anchor bead. DO NOT CUT THIS BEAD UNTIL STRAND IS TIED)

2. Bring strand around the back of your body like a belt.

3. Place strand on your tummy or hips at the preferred location.

4. Be sure that beads are pushed all the way back so the strand has no gaps. Gaps create pinching!

5. Cross strand at preferred location to close waistbeads around your body. Leave an inch more for bloating or weight gain. beads will pop if too tight.

6. Create a knot. Excess beads should be toward blue anchor beads at this time.

7. Tie up to 4 knots to ensure a secure fit.

8. Cut excess string close to knot (anchor beads and excess beads included) and put into your container.

9. Enjoy!